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image-1Drop-in volunteers are desperately needed!  During drop-in, we provide new and regular individuals with multiple resources, including simply a safe place to spend time.  Volunteers are essential to the work we do during this time.


As a drop-in volunteer, you would:

  1. Check-in individuals
  2. Help individuals access on-site resources
  3. Be a listening presence for individuals
  4. Assist with additional projects as you are gifted. We believe that the Spirit is working through Launch, and that as a drop-in volunteer, your unique gifts and knowledge areas will be put to use.

Interested?  Fill contact Stephanie at (815 – 592 – 3207).  If interested, you can schedule a time with Stephanie to visit drop-in to see if it is a good fit for you.

The Volunteer Application Form and a background check will need to be completed (an optional $12 donation would cover the cost), as well as an informal training.  You will be able to sign-up for your volunteer days online or by contacting Stephanie.


“I want to help, but I don’t think I can be a drop-in volunteer.”

You are not the first to think that.  Most of our volunteers, if not all on some level, wonder if working with homeless and struggling youth is something they can do.  Serving others in a context new to us is a cause of anxiety.  It takes courage for everyone to walk into Launch – to serve or be served – as we do not know the outcome.  Here are a few points gathered from conversations with current volunteers:

  • Safety – Launch is a SAFE and STABLE space for all who enter, including volunteers.  There is always 100% of the time 1 staff person on site, and 99% of the time 2 staff members.  There are rare occasions when tension arises, but overall our drop-in center is highly respected as a safe space for all individuals.
  • What do I do? – Staff support and encourage volunteers as they find their personal nitch at Launch.  The primary “task” is to be a listening presence, and meeting the individuals where they are at the moment.    Other tasks can include helping staff keep the drop-in running, so if you don’t like to sit still we usually can keep you moving.
  • I’m too old. Or I can only come once a month.  – No!  The more people individuals in crisis know have their back, the better.  Even if they only see you once-in-awhile, you are another person in the community who cares.  This means more than you know.
  • Launch is a ministry and I’m not good at evangelizing. –  At Launch we meet people where they are, and sometimes that is in the midst of crisis.  Sometimes all they need to know is that they are safe and that people care about them.  Launch is not about us, it is about them and their stories.  We’re here to listen.  Sometimes, when the moment is right, we get to talk too.



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