Adulting 2.0

Launch is always responding to the needs of the amazing young adults walking in the door looking for help.  Our Adulting Game provides for many basic needs, but now we are looking to ramp it up!   Launch plans to launch a training program in January 2019 to provide young adults with valuable professional and life skills which will enable them to be more successful employees and renters.



Program Goals

Program Goals for Participants

  • Provide an accessible & free training program that accommodates a chaotic life, while demonstrating responsibility.
  • Provide a comprehensive program for basic professional development skills such as interviewing, on the job interpersonal relationships, time management, etc.
  • Provide knowledge and experience in life skills that may need refreshing such as: renting, finances, etc.
  • Provide contacts, mentoring and support within the local community.  Ideally leading to recommendations and job leads.
  • Provide a professional development program for their resume.
  • Enable program graduates to be more marketable to employers and landlords.

Program Goals for Employers

  • Provide a source of potential employees who have completed a locally respected and transparent program that prepares individuals to be reliable and accountable workers.
  • Provide an accessible and free training program for their employees that are 18 to 30 years old.
  • Provide an opportunity for local businesses to actively cultivate a productive and stable workforce in the community.

Program Goals for Landlords

  • Provide landlords with the assurance that potential renters have basic financial and property caretaking knowledge.
  • Demonstrate to landlords that the individual has completed a professional development program which enables them to be a more marketable and successful employee.


What We Need


  • Individuals with professional experience in curriculum development or training in various related areas interested in assisting us in creating and running this program.
  • Local businesses to provide current training programs as options, potential short mentorships/internships, human resource contacts for potential interviews for program graduates.
  • Needs will develop as program develops…


Please contact Stephanie if you are interested in volunteering to help us create or support this program!   stephanie @ launchministry . org



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