Fresh Start Apartment Move-In Package

Imagine being homeless for months or years and finally getting your own apartment…but then not having any money to buy what you need to actually live in it!

Launch Ministry’s basic mission includes assisting homeless young adults access resources to obtain their first apartments.  They are then often left with minimal or no funds to fill their new apartments with furniture and basic supplies.  We work with local organizations and individuals to gather furniture as possible, but basic household items are much harder to come by.  (Love, Inc. provides services to our clients in Eastern Carver County, but not in the remaining areas.)

Please consider assembling a Fresh Start Move-In Package as a family, group, or business.  We can lend you a display and provide you with customized documents for publicity and reminders.

Due to our lack of storage, please store the package until we can coordinate delivery.   Apartment move-ins happen often and sometimes, unexpectedly, so having these prepared and ready-to-go will be amazing!

Help these young adults make their new apartments into a home through a Fresh Start Move-In Package!

Contact Stephanie @ to start the process!


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