Launched Into Hope – Request for Submissions

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  Are you a current Launch participant, former Launch participant, volunteer, staff or just interested in hope-filled stories? Consider submitting a piece for our upcoming book “Launched Into Hope”. See info in the document below! Loading... Taking too long? Reload document | Open in new tab Download [303.74...

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Upcoming Events

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We have so much going on this fall at Launch Ministry that we need to just briefly highlight them instead of writing separate articles!   Celebrate Recovery Starting Thursday, October 1 We’re thrilled to add a second night of programming on top of our Tuesday night dinner/Bible study/support group. Celebrate Recovery is a worldwide Christ-centered approach to help anyone find healing from their hurts, habits and hangups. Our group will be specifically focused on those under 30 who need support to become whole. Where: Launch...

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The Treadmill: Challenging the Economic Trends Facing This Generation

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Does it seem like this generation is having a harder time getting established in careers, places to live and getting financially off the ground? There are some reasons for that. Join a group of young adults and parents as we discuss together how the economic systems of our culture are stacked against young people and what we can do about it together. Where: Launch Ministry 115 E. 4th St. (Walnut St. Door) Chaska, MN 55318 Time: Tuesday October 6, Dinner at 6:30, Discussion 7-8:30 PM Cost: Free, but please RSVP in the form below so we know how...

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Newsletter – August 2015

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Fall Fundraising Campaign When people ask about my job, I will often tell stories about changes we see in the lives of the young people we work with. Youth who escape homelessness, go to college, find meaningful employment, and break free of addictions. These resilient, hopeful and powerful young people are what keep me going. That’s why the part of my job that for some might be the least pleasant can actually be a source of great joy. Fundraising. It can be a dirty word. It can be off-putting. People don’t like to talk about...

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Expungement Powerpoint

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Thanks to Katie Hanson for sharing her legal expertise with us last night at the homeless youth drop-in resource center. Minnesota’s laws around criminal expungement have changed to make the process easier. Here’s the summary of what to do if you would like to get your criminal record expunged. Download [3.10 MB] Contact Katie or Amanda at Bloomgren Hanson Legal if you would like to hire an attorney to help you with the...

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New Parent Group Starting in February

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Are you a parent in need of support? A new group is starting next week! Click the flier below for details!

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Indiana Jones: People Change

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As you’ve well guessed, I’m a bit of a movie nut. I love action/adventures, romances, comedies–you name it. My passion is the 1980’s-1990’s films (they sport the best actors!). One particular series we’re talking about, ranking in my top five favorites, reigned the 1980’s. Starring Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones switched gears from novels to movies–and rather quickly swept the nation; wrangling young boys to become their own Indy, and causing all the young ladies to swoon. I will admit, Indiana is...

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Praying For Our Enemies

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  Okay, well, it’s not the best clip, but I wanted you to at least hear the dialogue. The human in this conversation, Harold Attinger (as played by Kelsey Grammar) makes an alliance with a Neutral Transformer, bounty hunter Lockdown (a Neutral is neither an Autobot or a Decepticon, if you don’t know your Transformers). They key phrase I wanted you to hear is what Attinger tells Lockdown, rather matter-of-factly: On this planet we have a saying…the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Now, that’s a profound...

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Reaping What We Sow

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There is a story of a builder, who is contracted by a very wealthy man to build him the best possible house he can. The man tells the builder that money is no object, and to use only the best materials to build his house. The man, a private business owner, is ecstatic at this new contract, and the rich man leaves on a long journey. The builder then says to himself, “Here is an opportunity to make a great deal of money.” So, he goes out and buys the lowest quality material he can and builds the house for a cheap price inside, and on the...

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Public Responsibility Begins at Home

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Much of our public life fails because we haven’t learned how to deal with life in the privacy of our homes. The things that create divides in America are the same things that create divides into our homes. In America, we are torn apart by economics, sexuality, environmental issues, cultural morals and above all else the inability to solve this divide because of poor communications. Don’t these sound like the things that tear apart homes? Aren’t money, sex, our shared environment, family values and our inability to...

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