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Churches everywhere are trying to figure out what to do with young adults. Increasingly, 18-30 year olds are absent from church life. Youth pastors have to kick graduates out of youth group, but they have nowhere in the church to send them. Parents of young adults are looking for help, but there are few resources to offer support.

Here are a few troubling statistics:

From David Kinnaman’s book “UnChristian” – perceptions of young adults who are not Christians regarding the church –

  • 91% Anti-homosexual
  • 87% Judgmental
  • 85 % Hypocritical
  • 75% Too Political
  • 72% Out of Touch with Reality
  • 78% Old Fashioned
  • 70% Insensitive to Others
  • 68% Boring

Young people who grew up in the church are increasingly finding themselves disengaged, and Kinnaman’s research in the book “You Lost Me” offers six reasons.  The church is perceived as –

  • Overprotective
  • Shallow
  • Antagonistic to science
  • Out of touch with sexuality
  • Unnecessarily exclusive
  • Unfriendly to those who doubt

Christian Smith, in his book “Lost in Transition,” identifies five major struggles that emerging adults face today, which have largely been inherited from their parents –

  • Confused moral reasoning
  • Routine intoxication
  • Materialistic life goals
  • Regrettable sexual experiences
  • Disengagement from civic and political life
All of the research demonstrates that young adult engagement with the church, faith, and morality is on shaky ground. Yet things are far from hopeless. Young adults also have a high regard for those who are older than them and want to be in relationship with them. There are great opportunities to engage with this generation, but it takes an intentional focus.

We would love to help you figure out how you can connect with young adults in your context. Our (very!) affordable consulting services provide an opportunity for you to identify specific ways that you can rethink how you minister to young adults and their parents.

Some possibilities:
  • We can help you introduce our “You Are Not Alone” support group system for parents of struggling emerging adults
  • We can train your team in how to mentor and engage young adults
  • We can help you evaluate your current youth and young adult programming to discover how you can do things more effectively
  • We can engage with you over the phone, via Skype, email, or in person. We can be flexible to your needs!

Don’t hesitate to use the live chat (if we’re online),  email, call us at 952-261-4606, or use the contact form below to find out how we can help you.

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