Corey Magstadt (He/Him)

Executive Director & Founder

Corey is patient and kind, yet stubbornly opposed to injustice. After graduating college with a degree in pastoral ministry,  Corey helped start The River Alliance Church in Chaska, MN.  After serving there for 8 years, marrying Lori, having two children, and receiving a Masters of Divinity from Bethel Seminary, Corey founded Launch Ministry and is excited about the work being done to transform this community.  With a heart for the outcast and those that have been left out, Corey desires to see God do amazing things in the lives of struggling young people in this community.

Amanda Flowers Peterson (She/Her)

Program Director

Amanda is compassionate and wise. As program and diversity director she manages all of Launch Ministry’s staff and runs all day to day operations for programs. With a heart for cultivating hope during impossible situations and a contagious God-given joy–she desires to see safety and stability redefined in the lives of youth and young adults. You can find her on any given day creatively equipping and edifying our participants and staff while managing what seems like an unending list of tasks. She lives peaceably in Chanhassen Minnesota with her husband Jason, and their two sons, Zephaniah and Zechariah. She graduated from Crown College and Northwestern College with degrees in Biblical Theological Studies and Clinical Psychology. 

Grecia Lozano (She/Her)

Housing Coordinator

Grecia is a Mexican immigrant who is passionate about benevolence, community outreach, and equity. She attended college at St. Thomas University studying Theology and Philosophy. Both through her education and her incredible consecration to Faith has afforded her the opportunity to become a powerful advocate for the Latin Community in the South West Metro Area. Grecia is excited to bring her relational collateral and passion to Launch Ministry. Committing to create safe and stable spaces for all Launch participants. Grecia is a dedicated mother to her daughter Nina and has been an active resident of Chaska, for 20 years.

En Español: Grecia es una inmigrante mexicana apasionada por la benevolencia, el alcance comunitario y la equidad. Asistió a la Universidad de St. Thomas estudiando teología y filosofía. Tanto a través de su educación y su increíble consagración a la fe le ha brindado la oportunidad de convertirse en un poderoso defensor de la comunidad Latina en el área metropolitana del suroeste. Grecia se complace en traer su colateral y pasión relacional para la comunidad Latina para lanzar el Ministerio. Comprometerse a crear espacios seguros y estables para los participantes en el lanzamiento de ESL. Grecia es una madre dedicada a su hija Nina y ha sido una residente activa de Chaska, durante 20 años.

Maddy Foss (She/Her)

Crisis Coordinator

Maddy is insightful, creative, authentic and known as our organization’s Unicorn. She first attended Launch as a participant in 2016. Her term of service as a Promise Fellow with Integrated Arts Academy contributed to her love for walking alongside others in their journey. As a Crisis Coordinator with Launch Ministry, Maddy engages with individuals while gaining insight into their experiences allowing her to understand how to better be of service to them.

Jazmin Martinez (She/Her)

Drop-In Coordinator

Jazmin is transparent and insightful, bringing an amazing dose of authenticity into our space. As a Drop-in Coordinator, Jazmin works with participants during their toughest times. She provides hospitality and mentorship through our Adulting 1.0 program that focuses on HEAD-HEART-HANDS.

110 W. 2nd St.
Chaska, MN  55318