Drop In Center getting New Home – Support Needed


Launch Ministry’s Chaska Drop In Center is Moving!  (99% chance! Won’t fully believe until it happens!!!)

An opportunity emerged to provide local struggling youth and young adults with not only a safe and stable space, but one with sunlight, first-floor access, private spaces for discussions, and eventually – free laundry access!  PLUS!  This provides us our many supporters who have had trouble with our stairs, the ability to get more involved!

Finally, we are really excited to continue our active participation in the downtown Chaska area, helping to ramp up our efforts in preserving and enhancing it’s heritage, character and sense of friendly community!

Where are we going?  110 W. 2nd Street

We Need Your Help!

Help us move in December, or supply a few of our immediate needs:  Sign-Up Here

What are we looking for?  Individuals, groups, families!  Youth who need service hours.

What will you do?  Depending on the shift: clean, paint, work on building/installation projects, pack, move, unpack, come with truck/trailer.

What do we need?  A few selected items (see 12/8 sign-up), gift cards.  

Unable to help in December, but interested in making the NEW drop in space the most amazing space in Chaska?  Email Stephanie @ LaunchMinistry.org; or call at 612-564-0838 to set-up a time/get on a list of 2019 opportunities/dates!

Donation Drop Off Options:  Click Here


New Volunteer Positions!

Hospitality Navigator & 2nd Street Closet Mentor – Starting Monday, December 17th!!!

Shifts: Monday to Friday 1:45 to 5pm; Tuesday & Thursday 5pm to 7pm (sign-up for 1 or 2 times a week, 2x a month, back-up)

Click Here for Volunteer Training Dates

Unable to make these dates?  Email Stephanie @ LaunchMinistry.org; or call at 612-564-0838.

Hospitality Navigator

Mission: To be initial contact and set the tone of a safe and stable space for all those those who come to the Chaska Drop In.


  1. Responsible for providing initial hospitality to drop in guests, donors and visitors.
  2. Young adults:
    1. Help individuals sign-in.
    2. Direct individuals to the services they need or staff other individuals they came to see.
      1. Update them with any particular information for the day.
    3. Welcome new individuals, and introduce them to staff for a tour.
    4. Donors/Supporters:
      1. Help individuals drop off donations and help them record their contributions for our financials, and request contact information for thank you events, newsletter, etc.
      2. Provide individuals with updated or current needs and events.
    5. Mentor drop in individuals as able, with primary purpose to navigate the needs of those who come to the Chaska Drop In.

Second Street Closet Mentors

Mission: To provide struggling youth & young adults with a respectful “shopping” experience while, when needed, teaching them stewardship of resources.


  1. Responsible for stewardship of in-kind resources donated to Second Street Closet, including use of laundry machines.
  2. Maintain an organized and shop-like appearance of the two rooms to provide young adults with a sense of respect and keep the space efficient, and record statistics of use.
  3. Laundry:
    1. Maintain daily schedule of laundry usage in conjunction with staff/volunteers.
    2. Assist young adults in proper and timely use of laundry machines.
  4. Responsible for daily organization and distribution of donated items – clothing, personal products, food, etc.
    1. Work with young adults to
      1. Refine what items should be kept and donated elsewhere.
      2. What items need to be requested from donors.
      3. Maintain & manage a confidential list of needs to be set-aside for individuals.
    2. Sort donations and distribute to proper location.
  5. Mentor drop in individuals as able, with primary purpose to appropriately provide and teach stewardship of resources.

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  1. This is really cool. I will post it on our Facebook page and recommend people look you up. Congrats!
    Pastor Dean
    And your fans at
    Shepherd of the HIll Church of Chaska

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