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Your sponsorship provides an opportunity for safety, stability, and change.



Become a Drop-in Center Day Sponsor !

What happens at our Drop-in Center?  Launch Ministry provides open service hours Monday to Friday, 2-5pm  (excluding select Holidays and events which require the entire staff).  This is our primary opportunity to interact with new and returning young adults.  At drop-in, they are able to access all our services, including: emergency problem solving; mentoring from staff and volunteers; food, clothing & personal care items; wi-fi; a safe place to spend time; and community.  These open hours provide young adults with reliable access to emergency and on-going support around their ever-changing schedules and transportation availability.  Drop-in Day Sponsors help us by ensuring that we are able to keep providing this essential service to the community.


Drop-in Day Sponsor receive:

  • A Facebook post on the Launch Ministry page acknowledging your sponsorship, including your chosen message, and optional photo/logo/link.
  • Acknowledgement in the monthly volunteer newsletter for the month your sponsored day falls in.
  • Acknowledgement on our website for the entire year your sponsored day(s) falls in. If you sponsor more than one day, we will note that.  Your chosen Facebook message and link can be added.
  • Personalized feedback on what happened during the drop-in day you sponsored. Due to privacy concerns, the feedback will not include identifying details of the individuals using Launch services.


Eligibility: Individuals, families, businesses, churches, or organizations who contribute a one-time gift of $250 or qualifying Sustaining Supporters (watch for more information on Sustaining Supporter benefits!).  One-time gifts must be received before the Drop-in Day Sponsorship will be scheduled.  Political parties and candidates are not eligible.


Scheduling: Day Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Those who are interested in sponsoring a recurring date(s) will be contacted in November/December to secure the date(s) for the following year..  We are planning to expand to a one-day a week drop-in in Waconia.  This drop-in will also be available for sponsorship.


Message Requirements

  • Day sponsorship Facebook announcements may be anonymous.  However, by including your name or family name, you will be influencing your friends to support Launch Ministry also.
  • Day sponsor messages can include link to business, church or organization.
  • Launch Ministry is able to work with Day Sponsors to create a personalized message.
  • Launch Ministry reserves the right to approve all messages, logos, pictures and links.

Message Examples:

“Launch Ministry’s Drop-In Center is sponsored today by the Smith Family of Victoria in honor of Grandma Sarah’s 80th Birthday.”  (Includes picture of Grandma Sarah with her grandkids included.)

“Launch Ministry’s Drop-In Center is sponsored today by Mission Realty, promoting homeownership for all our neighbors.”  (Includes logo and link.)


To become a sponsor:  1) complete the below electronic form and submit your donation on-line, or 2) print-out the below PDF and mail your donation to Launch Ministry.  Once your application has been received, you will be contacted to finalize the process.



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