Launch 2018 Retreat at the Refuge

 We’re Having a Retreat Again! But we need your help!


Last year 35 Launch participants, staff and volunteers (and children) spent an amazing spring weekend at the amazing retreat center: the Refuge!  It was our first retreat, and all participants thought it was amazing!  At the request of the young adults, we are doing it again!

Donate online HERE  or send a check to Launch Ministry, 115 E. 4th St, Chaska, MN 55318; for: Retreat.


What does the retreat accomplish?  This retreat is designed to energize the personal growth process of each young adult.  This is done through: 1) massive amount of community & trust building; 2) opportunities for significant mentoring; 3) often the only vacation/respite of any type the young adults will have all year; 4) and each individual comes away with an “ah-ha” moment!

Is a spiritual retreat?  Yes!  We pray before meals, have worship Sunday morning, and each of our group sessions include talking about God.  (Last year we started with some singing like in our Celebrate Recovery program, and then had a bible study.)  Additionally, Stephanie set-up prayer stations in the White Barn, a new experience for many of the participants!  We are still working on this year’s plans, but they will be similar to last years!

Who is eligible to participate?  Young adults participating in Launch Ministry programs who are 18-29, and those in our housing program who may have “aged out” of our regular age group.  We require retreat participants to have an established relationship with us prior to the retreat, so we know them before going, and they know us.  This is not a vacation weekend, but rather a serious retreat where we have a lot of fun!

When is it?  First weekend in May, Friday to Sunday.


Please donate to make this life-changing retreat possible!

We can accommodate up to 50 at the Refuge (without using tents), for a total budget of $3,820.  As with all our programs, the retreat is free to our young adult participants.  We also hope to make the weekend free to for our volunteers, as they will be working the whole time alongside the staff!  (A huge thanks to Grace Church for providing the Refuge at a extremely reduced cost!)

Please support a camper at $75, or a portion of their weekend, by April 1.

Donate online HERE  or send a check to Launch Ministry, 115 E. 4th St, Chaska, MN 55318; for: Retreat.   Click here for a tax donation receipt.

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