Launch Ambassadors

Launch Ministry is a community – and community works through connections.

Individuals come to us for assistance, because they hear from their friends that we can help, we can be trusted.

People come to “Give Local – Serve Local” with us because they know us, and we are one part of this great community.

There are many in Carver and Scott Counties who do not know we are here to help.  

And that is where you come in.


A major area of Launch Ministry is our outreach into the community.  This comes in many forms:

  • General Publicity & Referrals (via personal social media, community groups, church, work, friends)
  • Working with schools (awareness, referrals)
  • Working with non-profits & churches to connect our services (them to us, us to them)
  • Working with businesses (services, special projects, sponsorships, donations)
  • Representative – Volunteering to help at an informational event or program; attend a meeting; etc.

How Launch Ambassadors make a difference:

  • Each Ambassador has a unique role depending on their interests, gifts, and connections within the community.  Hours and schedule are flexible!
  • Connect our services with your office, church, organization, club, etc., and explore opportunities of support for Launch.
  • Connections – pass along event information, volunteer/donation requests via social media and “traditional” networks.
  • Volunteer (when able) at informational/awareness events or programs.

Additional information about working with struggling and homeless youth & young adults:  Want to Know More?  Videos & Links

Interested in becoming a Launch Ambassador?  

Contact  Stephanie @  or  612-564-0838


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