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  • Launch was featured in the Chaska Herald for receiving the 2016 Chaska Human Rights Award.  Read about it here.
  • Launch was featured in the Moravian Church’s national denominational magazine regarding its ongoing partnerships with local Moravian churches. Read about it on page 32 here.
  • We were featured in Christianity Today magazine in an article about the struggles Millennials face. You can see the first half of the article here with a great picture, but the rest is behind the pay wall.

“It was the hopelessness of not having any food, not getting a job, not seeing people,” Garver said. “I wasn’t in school. I didn’t have friends coming to see me ever, and I couldn’t go out to do anything. I was so hungry I didn’t want to do anything.”

  • The Minnesota Christian Examiner featured Launch Ministry in two recent articles. The main article is the first in a series about ministry to Millennials.

“That whole relational element where you have to get out[side] the walls of the church and actually invest in young people’s lives,” he said. “There is no easy program. It’s really just a long, individual, one on one, taking time conversations. And over time that develops into something really powerful.”

  • The second article in the Examiner is the main editorial which discusses ‘the nones’, those who have no religious affiliation.

While talking with the Rev. Corey Magstadt this week about youth ministry, we touched on the nones. It turns out that Launch Ministry, the organization where Magstadt serves as executive director, primarily works with this cohort. And, many people have misconceptions about them. He said some tend to think of them as opposed to the faith—but that’s not the case.

“Suburban homelessness is different,” said Magstadt, noting that youth are more likely to “couch surf” from place to place, occasionally sleeping in cars. The closest homeless shelter is in Hennepin County. We were increasingly seeing the need for safe and stable housing here.”


Stories of Hope from Launch Ministry Participants




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