We love the idea of Blessing Bags and Kits, but at Launch Ministry, our youth and young adults have a variety of needs.  If you are looking to support local, consider providing these Blessing Bags/Kits such as these:

Packaging:  For packaging for #1-4, ideally use reusable shopping bags, or any kind of reusable bag (many members of your congregation probably have those “free” logo bags & backpacks in their closets they would love to get rid of – will take anything, even backpacks, duffel bags, similar sized durable boxes/bins, etc.).   For packaging for #5-9, you could use the same as above, or a smaller bag, box, ziplock bag, etc. The packaging is also a blessing to our young adults!

Examples are included in the below Ongoing Needs List.

  1. ***Cleaning Supplies:  a variety of basic unused cleaning supplies (toilet paper, paper towel, all-purpose cleaning spray, disinfectant wipes, toilet cleaner, sponges, dish soap, etc.)  Smaller sizes okay, not all have to be the same. – This is great as a gift to our participants on-ramping to housing.
  2. Personal Supplies:  variety of unused personal supplies in normal sizes, plus socks, underwear & bras
  3. Shelf Stable Food & Drinks:  variety of unused food ready to eat or microwaveable
  4. Kid’s Bags: variety of unused personal supplies & food ready to eat or microwaveable specifically for smaller children,  (can make specific age groups, kids generally average are 3/4 years, diaper size most requested are size 4/5)
  5. ***Laundry Bag: small bottle of laundry soap or 1 laundry soap packet, $10 in quarters in ziplock bag, 1 dryer sheet  (This is enough to wash & dry one load locally at most apartments/laundromats.) – This is much requested!
  6. First Aid:  variety of basic first aid supplies, (examples: antibiotic ointment, various band aids, pain relief, cough drops, antacids, anti-itch ointment, etc.)
  7. Skin-Care Bag: variety of basic masks; make-up wipes; etc.