Launch Ministry’s Real Life Adulting Game

If you’ve stopped by Launch’s Drop-in Center, then you’ve probably seen a sign that says:

What is “Adulting”?  Taking responsibility for ones own (and ones children’s) economic, social, mental and physical well-being.

Why the Adulting Game?  We have found at Launch that many individuals are in need of a structured system in which they are able to set specific and achievable goals of which they can be held accountable.  Our “game” provides the structure to do this, as well as another individual (accountability partner/informal mentor) to discuss the goals.  In addition to achieving the goals, the incentives include achieving higher Adult Levels (which are posted at the Drop-in Center), and gift cards to help them achieve their goals (gas to get to interviews, work, etc.).

How it Works:  1) The individual sits down with with a staff member, drop-in volunteer or intern and sets 3 goals.  The goals should be achievable within a week, and focus on employment, education, character/spirituality, housing, or another related area of life stabilization.  2)  The first time the individual sets three goals, they are a Level 1 Adult and receive a $10 gift card.  3) The individual returns when the goals have been achieved, meets with a staff member, drop-in volunteer, or intern and discusses the achieved goals, becomes the Level  2 Adult, and receives another $10 gift card.  They then set another 3 goals.  4)  The individual can then come back as many times as they want to set new goals, rise in levels, and get gift cards.  At every 5th level, they get a $20 gift card.  Additionally, as an individual rises in levels, the goals and conversations typically get more sophisticated.


Between January 2017 and August 28, 2017 individuals had played our Adulting Game 225 times!


Please help us encourage struggling and homeless young adults as they become economically and socially independent!

Donate $10 Gift Cards:  Gas Stations, Drug Stores, Target, etc.

Please drop off at Launch (M-F 2-5pm) or mail.   115 E. 4th Street, Chaska 55318

Financial donations specifically for cards also appreciated!  (All tax deductible.)

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