Newsletter – August 2015

Fall Fundraising Campaign

Playing yard games at one of our recent weekly dinners. We'd love it if you'd serve a meal!

Playing yard games at one of our recent weekly dinners. We’d love it if you’d serve a meal!

When people ask about my job, I will often tell stories about changes we see in the lives of the young people we work with. Youth who escape homelessness, go to college, find meaningful employment, and break free of addictions. These resilient, hopeful and powerful young people are what keep me going.

That’s why the part of my job that for some might be the least pleasant can actually be a source of great joy.


It can be a dirty word. It can be off-putting. People don’t like to talk about money or hear about how money is required to fund our vision.

But I like to think about it differently. When I talk with you about partnering with us at Launch, I want to talk about how we’re helping you to be a good steward, to be faithful with your resources, to give to something that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

We do have some real needs as we look to the future and seek to expand the work that we’re already doing in Carver and Scott Counties. That’s why we’ve set a goal of raising $2500/month in new monthly giving by the end of the year.

Would you consider meeting me for coffee? I’d love to tell you some stories and discern together whether your financial partnership with Launch makes sense for both of us. Give me a call at 952-261-4606 or shoot me an email at and let’s get together.

If you’re already ready to give, you can go to our giving page and make sure you select “recurring” if you would like to give monthly.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!
Corey Magstadt
Executive Director
Launch Ministry
Parenting Through the Tumultuous Twenties
2015 Fall Parenting 3T Flier

Mentor Training Class

Men's program director Jason mentoring a couple of young men at a Twins game.

Men’s program director Jason mentoring a couple of young men at a Twins game.

Interested in getting your hands dirty?  We have an increased need for mentors for the young adult men and women that we serve.
Mentors meet several times a month with young people to hep them set and achieve specific goals that they are working on which will help them become independent.
We will be hosting a mentor training class on 9/22/15 from 9:00-11:00 AM at our Launch Ministry Drop In center. Please RSVP to Corey at or at 952-261-4606.

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