Thrivent ActionTeams & ChoiceDollars


Thrivent Financial has partnered with Launch Ministry!

Are you a Thrivent member?  Here are two ways you have a unique opportunity to help Launch:

Choice Dollars & Action Teams


Choice Dollars:  Members can direct their designated Choice Dollars to Launch Ministry!  Direct your Direct your Choice Dollars to Launch here.   To not loose your 2017 dollars, designate them to Launch by March 31, 2018.   Have questions?  Contact Katie Rotz at the Southwest Lakes Group, 952-222-4474 for assistance.

Action Teams:  Did you know you are eligible for one or two $250 Community Impact Credit Cards each year?  Why not use them to help Launch?  As a bonus, you get up to 25 of the most comfortable T-Shirts ever!  We can walk you through the whole process, or feel free to contact Katie at the Southwest Lakes Group, 952-222-4474.  Below is a document outlining the step-by-step process.  Please note:  If you are using an Action Team for something other than we have outlined, please contact Stephanie Friant (stephanie @ launch ministry . org) before proceeding, to ensure that it aligns with our current space and needs.

Requested Action Team Projects (see step-by-step at far bottom of this page– under construction):  Dinner & Wellness Night; Launch Info Party; individual freezer meal cooking event; Fresh Start Package collection drive; Personal Products drive.

Example Action Team Projects: bake-sale fundraiser; church social hour donuts & coffee fundraiser; create/sell jewelry fundraiser; etc.


For any addition questions regarding Thrivent’s partnership with Launch Ministry, please contact the Southwest Lakes Group at 952-222-4474.  They have connected us with this resource and continue to be an amazing resource for us!


Requested Action Team Projects Step-By-Step

Dinner & Wellness Event

Homeless Needs Collection Event

Sponsored!  Oct. 27 SouthWest Christian High School Service Day @ Launch Project with Lotus Lake Gifts

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